Saviour Bees

Bee Saviour Behaviour is on a mission to inspire a community of active bee saviour citizens. It launched in 2019 and quickly built a following thousands in 16 countries, appearing in publications like The Guardian, Positive News and ELLE Japan.

This growing social enterprise started with the discovery that a bee can only fly for a limited amount of time between flowers before falling to the ground exhausted. The extraordinary thing is that us humans can revive an exhausted bee with a tiny drop of sugar solution. Conscious of the impact of insect population decline and the positive human benefits of feeling connected to urban wildlife Dan set about designing a sugar solution carrier that everyone could carry in a wallet, purse or bag.

In 2018 Dan raised £1000 from Midcounties Co-operative to prototype the design and in April 2019 he launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the set up of Bee Saviour Behaviour as a social enterprise. The crowdfunded raised over three times the target with 1978 people pledging over £27k.

It’s fair to say that the last year since the crowdfunding campaign has been a busy one with lots of interest in this new social enterprise and lots of educational programmes to start designing and delivering. Though this organisation has a global community it is primarily a local community business focused on creating change in Norfolk and the Norfolk press have been very eager to speak to Dan too.

Now that Bee Saviour Behaviour is a fully set up social enterprise, with a community benefit society model, the focus has turned to designing a full programme of social science projects, campaigns and workshops for 2020. Find out more about how this is all going at

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