Social entrepreneur is the term that probably fits me best. I’ve been a founder member of several organisations with a social objective including OCWT LtdPopulate Co-op, Bee Saviour Behaviour and Bicycle Aid.

Identifying social and environmental problems and seeking meaningful lasting solutions is a common theme throughout my career history from leading organisations to tackle youth unemployment through to shaping initiatives to tackle health inequalities.

It would be easy to argue that I’m an innovator having been awarded the Co-operative UK’s prize for Innovation in Co-operative Enterprise in 2011; though I was in Barcelona at the time shooting a video and so these wonderful guys received it on my behalf. My degree was in Fine Art Practice and my further study includes Transactional Analysis.

Fundamentally I’m passionate about supporting community led action to make the world a better place. I’ve focused my career on working in the co-operative sector with worker owned and community owned co-operatives, and delivering visionary projects built on Asset Based Community Development principles.

I was elected to sit on the Worker Co-operative Council for the UK and curiously was asked to appear in this Co-operative national advertising campaign with the community owned co-operative I co-founded.

See my full career here on LinkedIn.

I also reached the final of the World Pooh Stick Championships in 2008.


Kettlegun: Animal, vegetable or mineral?    


I originally created the word ‘kettlegun’ as something more searchable online than my name.

After applying this word to areas of my work for 20 years I finally decided to define the word based on how I’ve been using it throughout its life.

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